Welcome to DC Water’s Online Dispute Form

Please see the information below for an overview of the dispute process. The deadline to dispute a bill can be found on the monthly invoice just below the Bill Summary section. The District of Columbia Municipal Regulations regarding disputes can be found here.

Process Overview

  1. The customer determines the reason for the dispute
  2. The customer submits the dispute in writing (use of this dispute form is acceptable)
  3. DC Water reviews the dispute and issues a decision in writing
  4. The customer may appeal the decision within 15 calendar days by requesting a Hearing
  5. The Hearing Officer grants or denies a hearing and renders a decision
  6. The customer may appeal the Hearing Officer’s decision to the Court of Appeals

Please be advised that DC Water generally completes review of disputes within 30 days; however, this may take longer if additional work or information is required. Hearings are conducted every other month and may take up to 90 days to schedule based on the Hearing Officer’s availability.